MailChimp for Salesforce Campaign sync best practices and modes

What: When a Campaign is created in Salesforce and gets synced to MailChimp, it creates a Group with the campaign members. BUT when any MailChimp Email Campaign sent to the List or Group syncs back from MailChimp to Salesforce, a new Salesforce Campaign gets created in Salesforce.

It is this new Salesforce Campaign where the campaign member metrics sync to NOT back to the original campaign synced from Salesforce which created the MailChimp Group.

Why: “Campaign” is used differently in MailChimp and in Salesforce. In MailChimp, “Campaign” is an email while in Salesforce, “Campaign” is a defined group to which people can be added and removed based on marketing preference. Attaching email metrics the original Salesforce Campaign doesn’t make integration sense so what SyncApps does is it creates a new special tracking Salesforce Campaign that just corresponds to the recipients of the MailChimp Email Campaign.

Solutions: There are 2 different features namely using Salesforce Campaigns as list (MailChimp Group) for segmentation (can use Cazoomi Marketing list package) and Sync MailChimp Campaign response to Salesforce campaigns. Since it is possible to create more than one MailChimp Campaign for each segment/Group, the former was decided to be created for each MailChimp Campaign to store marketing metrics and is less confusing than the latter.

You can do this to test: Create a Campaign and/or Cazoomi Marketing list in Salesforce, which then there will be corresponding “Groups” in MailChimp being created once synced via SyncApps.

You can also create a “Test” Salesforce Campaign including one person--your email--which will then create a Group with only 1 email record in MailChimp. Do a test MailChimp Email Campaign with the recipients in the Group of 1 (which is your email) that was created.

Then you are going to receive an email, open it, click the link and check MailChimp if it is showing your response. Run SyncApps (Sync Now). Voila, a new “Test” Campaign was created in Salesforce in which you were expecting to see one showing you as a member with your 1 open and 1 click.

Options: There are currently 4 modes to sync back Campaign Metrics to Salesforce. Here are the following:

*Create a Salesforce Campaign
*Create a Salesforce Note + attached HTML Template of Campaign
*Create a Salesforce Activity for each metric in an Email Campaign like open, click, link clicked, etc.
*Create a Salesforce Campaign and Activity for each metric in an email campaign like open, click, link clicked, etc.

Try the mode above that corresponds to the integration requirements needed by your company today!

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