Filtering Feature conditional parameters explained in SyncApps

Our Filtering feature in SyncApps can be used to sync a subset of records based on specific criteria.

If on a Trial please note that we can only sync 100 records if they match against your criteria so best practice is to place people in a Campaign, Saved Search or Marketing List then use Filtering, sync then you can see how it works.

Once testing is completed next remove the Campaign/Saved Search/Marketing List checkbox in Step 1 and then keep the Filter on a paid plan which then does look at all records and Filters based on your criteria.

For example to sync only Contact records with the country which is the United States you can create the following filter :

Country  [Is Equal To] United States

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Conditional Operators

The following operators can be used to create criteria:

  • Is Equal To
    Check if field value equals to a specific value.
  • Is Not Equal To
    Check if field value does not equal to a specific value.
  • Starts With
    Check if field value starts with a specific value.
  • Does Not Start With
    Check if field value does not start with a specific value.
  • Contains
    Check if text field contains a specific value.
  • Does Not Contain
    Check if text field does not contain a specific value.
  • Greater Than
    For numeric or date comparison.
  • Greater Than or Equal
    For numeric or date comparison.
  • Less Than
    For numeric or date comparison.
  • Less Than or Equal
    For numeric or date comparison.
  • Is Blank
    Check if the text is blank.
  • Is Not Blank
    Check if the text is not blank.
  • Is True (Checkbox Checked)
    For boolean value or usually a checkbox in UI.
  • Is False (Checkbox Unchecked)
    For boolean value or usually a checkbox in UI.

Date Criteria

Date criteria must use YYYY-MM-DD format so if we need to sync record that is created after December 20th, 2017 we can use the following criteria:

Created [Greater Than] 2017-12-20

For relative date comparison SyncApps provides a function to_date("x days/months/years ago").

Using that function we can create criteria to sync records that were created within the last 30 days:

Created [Greater Than] or [Equal] to_date("30 days ago")


Complex Criteria

Complex criteria can also be created by combining expression using AND and OR operators.  For example, we want to sync records with an email address which is not blank and lives in CA or NY state we can create the following expression:

Email Address Is Not Blank AND (State Is Equal To CA OR State Is Equal To NY)

In filtering feature in SyncApps the above conditions can be expressed like this below:

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Please make sure GroupingAND and OR operators are chosen correctly.  In the above example "State Is Equal To CA OR State Is Equal To NY" must be grouped using an OR operator to produce a correct logic.

A typical MINDBODY for Infusionsoft Use Case:

I'm working with Mindbody and Infusionsoft.

When creating a segmentation can you tell me what the filters for Last Class Pass Remaining and Last Class Pass Expired refer to?

In other words, does Last Class Pass Remaining refer to the only class pass that they have or does it refer to the number of sessions left on their current class pass?

And does Last Class Pass Expired literally refer to the Last Class Pass that they had that Expired?


Last class pass remaining means session left on the last class pass.

For example, client X purchases a 1-month pass with name Y on Jan 5th for 10 sessions and the client has been used twice then SyncApps will return the following values:

* Last Pass class name: Y
* Last class expiry date: Feb 5th  (or maybe Feb 4th)
* Last class pass remaining: 8

You can also map those fields to Infusionsoft custom fields so you can see what the field values are for a client in Step 4 of Sync Profile Setup.

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