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API Calls Exceeded using Salesforce for Mailchimp?

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Are you integrating Salesforce for Mailchimp but API Calls has exceeded?

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Below are the issues and information you’ll need to know:


SyncApps subscribers


My integration usually only takes 1500 Salesforce API calls, why has it now exceeded 15,000 API calls?


Wondering about exceeding Salesforce API call limits while trying to sync a Salesforce Campaign to a Mailchimp Audience or Group.


If using multiple Sync Profiles which use the same Mailchimp "Audience" then select all but 1 Sync Profile as one-way sync and uncheck Sync Campaign Responses on all but 1 Sync Profile as well.

A SyncApps subscriber recently raised an issue about trying to sync a Salesforce Campaign to a Mailchimp Audience. However, the Salesforce API call limit has exceeded. With the Salesforce Campaign having roughly 300,000 email addresses, they thought it would only take 1500 API calls. However, it turned out that it exceeded 15,000 API calls.

Behind this was the API calls to Salesforce from Mailchimp as both Leads and Contacts were checked for email addresses and cached by SyncApps. API calls to Salesforce:

15379 10 Dec 2018 17:56:00 DEBUG Today's API calls: {"data":{"salesforce":{"countToday":15379,"date":"2018-12-11"}}} 10 Dec 2018 17:56:04 ERROR

Error on sync: Exceeded request limit to Salesforce API

Please try to rerun the sync within the next 24 hours to sync the remaining records.

Usually, this does not occur as after SyncApps is able to cache all email records; the subsequent syncs should be way less calls via the API and significantly faster to complete. As an observation, it was found out that the subscriber used the same List for multiple Sync Profiles.

All that was needed was to select all but 1 Sync Profile as one-way sync and uncheck Sync Campaign Responses on all but 1 Sync Profile as well. So before enabling Campaign Response Sync when using 1 Mailchimp Audience be sure that all other Sync Profiles have one-way sync feature enabled and Campaign Response Sync unchecked since only one Sync Profile needs Campaign Response Sync enabled when using multiple Sync Profiles.

Through this, unnecessary Salesforce API calls will be reduced significantly.


How to:

To do this in the Sync Profile just enable the one-way sync option on the Mailchimp configuration tab and uncheck the Campaign Response Sync option for all other Sync Profiles. *Using Multiple Sync Profiles with 1 Mailchimp Audience.

One best practice when using the same Mailchimp Audience for integration with multiple Sync Profiles for Leads and Contacts would be to instead use just one Sync Profile, select multiple Salesforce Campaigns, or Cazoomi Marketing Lists.  By doing so, each Salesforce Campaign or Marketing List will then be synced to your Mailchimp Audience, then create a Mailchimp Group under Group Category specified in the Mailchimp configuration tab.

Voila! Then when Campaign Response Sync is enabled, SyncApps will only check once or twice, Contacts and Leads, not multiple times for the records bombing your API Limit.

You can always reach out to us if you encounter any problems as we are online 24/7, to make sure you get the most out of your integration.

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