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Zoho CRM Error 4918


I am using your SyncApps integration to sync Zoho CRM Contacts to Mailchimp. The API is returning the following error to my SyncApps log details:

Error on sync: Module is hidden for your organization (Error code: 4918)

The Contacts module is not hidden, so this error does not make sense to me. Can you help?


Thanks for the quick notification on this issue and it’s super simple to fix.  Please have your Accounts tab exposed as Contacts are related to Accounts. In your screenshot Accounts is on the left side to add to the right side and save.

Since this error means the Contacts Module tab is not accessible via the API without Accounts tab shown as well so please fix that issue in CRM.



Note: If using our Deals feature in SyncApps to sync from Zoho CRM please be sure the Potentials/Deals Module is on your tabs as well in Zoho CRM.

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