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List Sync For SugarCRM To Mailchimp Integration

Does List Sync take more time than usual?

Syncing Lists for SugarCRM to Mailchimp or vise-verse taking longer than usual? See the use case below with our team and one of our loyal subscribers on how they troubleshoot the issue.


I’m trying to sync 10 Lists from SugarCRM to Mailchimp, and the process began at 8:30 am and is still syncing. The process from SugarCRM to Mailchimp runs well, but the other direction from Mailchimp to Sugar takes too long or seems stuck. It takes 7 hours just passing 10 lists, that’s not making sense to me.

Any ideas?


Thanks and just had a look at the Set Up.  Please note that the volume of records per list may affect the syncing time but let’s take a look.

It seems the Filter and the “Error 400” are the issues as it moves thru SyncApps yet 4 hours is where it is now. 


How big is your SugarCRM database?


We have 250,000 Contacts.


Thanks and that is not too large of a database yet seems to be why it is taking an extended time to complete as the API has to process that record volume using the Filter you have configured in Step 5 of your Set Up.

A better solution or best practice would be to use a Targets List and not a Filter to make it quicker.

Are you pressing Reset & Resync as this makes the syncing longer as well since all records are looked at?

Also, please note that with 250,000 records and 1 Filter it would take a bit of time to process the entire database in SugarCRM, check Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Targets then sync to Mailchimp, so it is not stuck yet will take 12-24 plus hours.


I did it yesterday without Filters, happened the same way, and didn’t press Reset & Resync. Now, I'm syncing just 890 Contacts.


The sync is not stuck actually. It is processing sync from Mailchimp to SugarCRM.

Note: Please remember that every time you change any configuration in your Set Up, always Reset and Resync so that the changes or the updates will take effect.

Syncing from SugarCRM to Mailchimp will take less time, but from Mailchimp to SugarCRM, it may take time depending on the number of records in Mailchimp that will sync to SugarCRM.

Each record in Mailchimp, that was not synced previously from SugarCRM, will need to be checked by SyncApps as to whether the email already exists in SugarCRM to avoid duplication.

There are two processes:

Sync from SugarCRM to Mailchimp

It will sync records based on the selected List or can be Filtered. The records will be synced directly to Mailchimp without further checking.

Sync from Mailchimp to SugarCRM

All records in the specified List will be synced to SugarCRM. Each record will be checked to see if that record already existed in SugarCRM. If that record exists or was synced from SugarCRM previously then that email address will be ignored. If the records do not exist then, SyncApps will create a new record (Contact/Lead based on the selected type in Set Up) in SugarCRM.

This process will take a period of time if there are many records in SugarCRM: "Each record will be checked if already exist in SugarCRM."

A Filter, which can be found in Step 5 of your Set Up, can also be applied to limit records that need to be synced from Mailchimp to SugarCRM.

Once an email address is checked, it will be cached (in a Set Up), so the next sync will be faster as there is no need to check SugarCRM.

Check out this video on How Filtering and Segmentation Work:

As our team reviewed your SyncApps account, it has many Set Ups connected to one Mailchimp Audience so it would be best practice if you have only one Set Up with two ways to sync and the others are set to one-way sync (disable sync from Mailchimp to SugarCRM).

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