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Segment Zoho CRM Deals To Mailchimp Including By The Stage Of Opportunity


Need to sync your Zoho CRM Deals fields to your Mailchimp? 

Yes! SyncApps does sync Zoho Deal Fields for mapping to your target software.


Follow these simple steps for a successful test! But first, see the following reminders below before syncing them:

  • Make sure that the Zoho CRM Deal record(s) have an email address. SyncApps will only retrieve the standard email address
  • Create a test Deal record to sync
  • SyncAppps uses time created as the identifier to determine the "Last Potential/Deal".

Let's get started!

Head to Step 1 of the Set Up and select the option "Retrieve Zoho Deal Fields for Mapping in Step 4". 

If this option is checked, Zoho Deal (Potentials) fields will be available on the mapping configuration in Step 4.
Note -- This feature may need many API calls if you have a large number of Zoho Deals.

Once you have mapped your Deal fields in Step 4 then press "Finish" and then be sure to Reset Sync Process and resync so that changes will be applied in the next sync.

Need some help?

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