Want to sync back just the Campaign metrics from your Marketing Automation solution to Salesforce?

Wanting to only sync the metrics from your Marketing Automation back to Salesforce?

Follow these super simple steps!

1. In Step 1 of your Sync Profile, check the "Sync Campaign Responses" checkbox and below that select Create Salesforce Campaign Only (no Campaign Member) in the drop-down menu in "Campaign Response Sync Mode". Then press NEXT or SAVE so that any changes in this Step will be applied.

To sync only your Marketing Email Campaign with no Salesforce Campaign Members you can select "Create Salesforce Campaign Only (No Campaign Member)" for "Campaign Response Sync Mode" option.


2. In Step 4 of your Sync Profile, which is the Field Mapping, these fields will show up once you have set the configuration in Step 1. If these fields don't show up then click "Refresh Fields".

save image

3. And lastly, Reset Sync Process as this will save all the changes in the configurations of your Sync Profile.

save image 

Storage in Salesforce getting in the way?

To delete any data in Salesforce try using Dataloader.io https://dataloader.io/deleting-data-salesforce or http://www.storageminder.com/ is a new cool one.


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