NetSuite SyncApps: Fix LOGIN_DISABLED error on sync

Recently some SyncApps users get "Invalid login. Customer access is disabled. (LOGIN_DISABLED)" error on their sync process for NetSuite integration.

There seem to be some changes (or maybe a bug) in NetSuite that requires "Web Services" permission to be set both on the NetSuite User(s) and Role. Previously adding permission to the User was enough.

To fix the issue please do the following steps:

  1. Update NetSuite User(s) used in SyncApps to have "Web Services" global permission

    save image

  2. Update NetSuite user's role that is used for the sync to have "Setup > Web Services" permissionsave image

  3. Run a sync

We have been able to reproduce and solve the LOGIN_DISABLED error by doing the above steps. Please do the above steps and contact NetSuite support if the problem still persists.


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