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Do you sync Mailchimp's Cleaned records to a Zoho CRM field?


Currently, the Mailchimp Rating for Contacts who have been unsubscribed or cleaned is not populating in Zoho CRM despite creating proper Field Mapping in Step 4.

Additionally, is there a way to populate Zoho CRM with a field such as "MailchimpStatus" and display Subscribed, cleaned, or Unsubscribes?


Thank you for subscribing and just had a peek at your Sync Details.

So a couple of things to note are below:

15 Jun 2017 08:07:27 INFO

Zoho CRM to Mailchimp:
[Processed records=3389, Updated=1618, Error=1, Flagged as Opted-Out in Zoho CRM=889, Duplicated Email Address=6, Records With Blank Email Address=269, Previously Unsubscribed=3, Previously Bounced=597, Filtered=6]

Mailchimp to Zoho CRM:
[Processed records=1639, Updated=0, Error=20]

1) Mailchimp to Zoho CRM Field Mapping for Member Rating will not work on Unsubscribed or Cleaned records as they are not synced for data changes yet only will log the status for reporting or if you map the Bounced field.

15 Jun 2017 08:02:24 Sync hard bounced (cleaned) email addresses
15 Jun 2017 08:03:09 Sync bounced contacts completed. [Processed: 597, Success: 597, Error: 0]

2) Last Name Required - to overcome this we have enabled a customization in your SyncApps account now for *use "Unknown" for the last name if missing in CRM.

15 Jun 2017 08:02:14 ERROR Unable to sync Contact [id=da377b34afe8a0d9fe057b2fe7eb8d6b,, firstName=, lastName=, created=2015-11-05T15:36:08.000Z, lastUpdate=2015-11-05T15:50:52.000Z, ] to Zoho CRM. Last name is required.

Lastly, for this requirement "is there a way to populate ZOHO with a field such as "MailchimpStatus" and display Subscribed, Cleaned, or Unsubscribed?"

By default, SyncApps marries to the Zoho CRM "Email Opt Out" field so this would meet your requirement for Subscribed, Cleaned, or Unsubscribed as SyncApps cannot marry to a "MailchimpStatus" field with dropdown fields like the above.

However, based on the standard Zoho CRM "Email Opt Out" field so you could have Zoho CRM then check or update another custom field on the record like Subscribed, Cleaned, or Unsub'd using Workflow.

Here is more on that

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