NetSuite Shopping Cart Saved Search syncing to MailChimp

The feature "Sync Shopping Cart Saved Search" under our Saved Search types is currently not supported by SyncApps, however, this enhancement is on our product roadmap this year.

As an alternative workaround to this limitation for Saved Search Types, we do support is using a Customer Saved Search.


As a best practice, be sure the Sync Profile is syncing to the List in MailChimp where the automation is set as Saved Searches sync to Groups then also place the member into a List which is the Master List named in Step 2 of the Sync Profile.

For Abandoned Cart syncing best practice is to create a separate Sync Profile just for this flow.

The List in MailChimp could be called Abandoned Cart and then the new record which lands in the List can have an automation on it as automations in MailChimp only fire on Lists, not Groups.

Here's an example:

As for the Saved Search:

From NetSuite use a Customer Saved Search:

Customer Search 

and then create a filter in the Saved Search:

Shopping Cart: Date last item added (I have it set to 2 days or greater) 
Shopping Cart: SubTotal (greater than 0.00).

So the idea is that all abandoned carts from clients signed in will get added to the "abandoned cart" search after 2 days. When the list syncs again, they will get added to the MailChimp Segment "Abandoned Cart", which should immediately trigger an email to be sent reminding them to finish the purchase.

If you need any assistance in reviewing your Sync Profile please visit us here today for a review.

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