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Bullhorn Tearsheet(s) synced to Mailchimp Group(s)

Syncing massing amounts of Contacts, Leads or even Candidates from Bullhorn to Mailchimp can be a tedious process. 

With SyncApps it is super simple! If the checkbox is selected then only Contacts or Leads in tearsheets will be synced.


In the example below, they are using Candidates in Tearsheets to sync so if the checkbox is selected then only Candidates in Tearsheets will be synced.  If you need Contacts and Leads just use another Sync Profile and select the Object Type to Sync, Contacts or Leads, then the Sync Profile will sync those records too.

Each Tearsheet will create a Group in Mailchimp.

Then create an Audience in Mailchimp and input the exact name in Step 2 so that the records will then be synced to that specific Audience.

That's it just set your preferred scheduling in Step 6 then save your Sync Profile(s).

Set it and Forget it!

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