See how Apple Contact syncs with Constant Contact!

Apple Mail integration now runs on Constant Contact's new API (Application Programming Interface) + it's totally redesigned for the small business owner! 

Constant Contact has partnered with Cazoomi to bring you a new way to sync Apple Mail for optimal targeted marketing! 

This integration lets you sync your contacts and iCloud contacts from Apple Contacts to Constant Contact.

  • Sync contacts and leads to your Address Book 
  • Eliminate exporting contacts from Address Book 
  • Never have to Convert your Mac vCard to a CSV file again 
  • Sync Constant Contact & Apple Mail on your iPhone/iPad Works with iCloud to sync all your Contacts & Address Book
  • Easy list segmentation from Apple Mail to Constant Contact 

With this specific integration, it works with iCloud to sync all your Apple Contacts to Constant Contact and you never have to convert your Mac vCard to a CSV file again.  You can now bid goodbye to manual syncing!

Download here now if you have not yet already. 

See it here today on Constant Contact MarketPlace! 


How to Setup the Apple Mail for Constant Contact sync?

Apple Contacts Integration works on OS X Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and now, the 2018 macOS High Sierra support is out for Apple Contacts Integration to Constant Contact. 

  1. Start Apple Contacts SyncApps
  2. Login to Constant Contact in Settings of Apple Contacts SyncApps
  3. Select Apple Contacts SyncApps Group>Contacts - some or all
  4. Select Constant Contact List
  5. Sync

This will help get all your Apple Contacts over to Constant Contact.

Technical & Support 

Download the .dmg file here on our Cazoomi site for your Mac to get started in under 5 minutes.  Apple Contacts sync is cloud-based so access anywhere, anytime. 

Works with iCloud! Now no matter which email account you’re using, iCloud works with the Mail app and on your iOS devices. 

  • Start Apple Contacts SyncApps

  • Login to Constant Contact in Settings of Apple Contacts SyncApps

  • Select Apple Contacts SyncApps Group>Contacts (you can choose some or all)

  • Select Constant Contact List and press Sync

Then, you can start syncing to get all your Apple Contacts over to Constant Contact.

REMEMBER, for the app to get access to the contacts, make it sure that you have checked the "Apple Contacts SyncApps" in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy  > Contacts.

Refer to the image below:


For the low, low price of Free! 

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