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Removing Contacts from Constant Contact during the sync with Salesforce when email is Opted-Out in Salesforce

Removing Contacts from your Marketing Automation software during the sync with your CRM is critical in keeping your lists fresh.

For this requirement, you will just need to first purchase our Full Sync Add-On.

With this, it will help clean up your list from those deleted or unsubscribed records from the Marketing Automation software that can’t be removed when doing the regular sync.


You will then need to Reset Sync Process and Resync which is found on your unique Sync Profile page so that the Full Sync Add-On will take effect.

Removing records using Salesforce Custom Fields to your Marketing Automation solution

To remove people from a Constant Contact list which no longer meets your Filter and Segmentation criteria the Full Sync is also needed.

Opt Out using the Custom Opt-Out.

No emails from NACD chapters (Opt_Out_Chapter_Email__c)


Constant Contact Unsubscribe

*Sample only

If you place the Filter for this Custom Opt-Out back into your Filters it then run a Full Sync the record which does not match this filter would be removed from Constant Contact List.

When using the custom opt-out feature and "unsubscribe on opt-out" you need to remove the unspecific custom opt-out field from the filter so SyncApps knows which record needs to be unsubscribed.

Please note that with "unsubscribe opted-out records" feature once unsubscribed SyncApps cannot resubscribe the contact back to Constant Contact even if you check the removed custom opt-out field.

Pull Contacts in the Custom Field only and not the basic field in Constant Contact

Ask our 24/7 Support Team to enable the customization for you:

*Allow overriding of email address mapping (Supported CRM: Salesforce)

Once this customization is enabled, SyncApps will then allow you to override the Constant Contact email address which is only allowed 1 today in their API.  Which field in Salesforce you map to this just needs to be an email type field.

Sample Scenario:


I’ve run a couple of syncs, and it looks like the add-on unsubscribe isn’t working. Can you check our Sync Profile that we have set up? I’ve been testing with a record and it hasn’t been unsubscribed. I wonder if the (sample Custom Field)  field is still looking for the custom field3 and not the new email address.


In Step 1 you have selected *Unsubscribe opted-out Contacts, Leads or Accounts in Salesforce from Constant Contact thus any record in Salesforce with the specific Custom Field will be synced.

The unsubscribe feature is doing what it's intended to do which is if a record is synced to Constant Contact and uses the Custom Unsubscribe field in CRM, and it's checked then the record is unsubscribed in Constant Contact.

Also, since you have mapped the Email Address then only this Email is being seen in SyncApps.


For Unsubscribe feature to work, the opted-out email addresses must be passed via SyncApps.  In this case, the email addresses must not be filtered out.

This is the same for the regular opt-out field, no filter should be applied to the opted-out field as SyncApps knows for an opted out record SyncApps should ignore/unsubscribe.

You will also need to Reset and Resync when needed so that unsubscribed Contacts will be removed. 

If you hit any snags please reach out to our 24/7 Support Team today.

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