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How can I get a copy of my Invoice?

SyncApps just keeps getting better. Invoice download is finally here!

This year we launched a few key updates to SyncApps! Here's the new invoice area.

Newly rolled out "Invoices Resend" on My Account in your SyncApps.

Until this year, the only way to get all your invoices was to check your email.

This was pretty helpful for getting invoices but if you missed one then what? We have rolled out "Invoices Resend" on My Account, so please head to your SyncApps dashboard, press "My Account" to get your last 10 invoices anytime you need them. Make sure that you're logged in as the Team Lead to get the copy of the invoice and you'll see the "Invoices" tab.

If the date of the invoice you're looking for is not there, send a note to our 24/7 Support Team today so that the old invoices will be resent to you.

Paypal Invoice:

To get a copy of your invoice the only way in PayPal is to log into your PayPal account and download from PayPal as SyncApps does not maintain PayPal invoices.

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