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Syncing NetSuite Companies to Zendesk Organizations

Check out some best practices on how to sync NetSuite Companies to Zendesk Organizations.


NetSuite companies that have the same name (like Allcare Pharmacy) are synced as one organization in ZenDesk.

Note there are 4 Allcare Pharmacy and one AllCare Pharmacy (with uppercase C) in NetSuite.

Note that Allcare Pharmacy has 4 contacts, these are the 4 contacts for the 4 NetSuite companies synced to one ZenDesk Organization.


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For Zendesk Organization sync currently, we integrate only by company name. The problem is company name in NetSuite is not unique (the customer id is unique).

Note: To fix this issue you may need to make the company name differentiated in NetSuite - (This option can be used IF you have the permissions to edit the company name in NetSuite)

Or do you want to use Customer ID (like 106127 AllCare Pharmacy) instead of name to be used as organization name in Zendesk?


Customer ID (like 106127 AllCare Pharmacy) would work perfectly, thank you.  I was trying to figure out how to do that.

The problem with the company name is that is the name the company owners give it, not us.  We can't go changing their company names.


There’s an option to sync NetSuite customer Entity ID as ZD organization name.

To use NetSuite EntityID instead of company name you need to map "EntityID" to "Organization: Name".

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We have also enabled expression mapping feature (Please let our support team know so that they may enable this feature) that can be used for combining fields, in your case EntityID and company name. 

Please map the following expression to Organization name (see screenshot).

record.EntityID + ' ' + record.CompanyName

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Note: Still using Username and Password for your Authentication in NetSuite (Step 2 of the Sync Profile)?

Switch to Token Based Authentication now and have an enhanced integration experience today! See the guide here>  


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