How to sync Abandoned Shopping Cart in MailChimp for NetSuite

Abandoned Shopping Cart feature is one of the most requested features by thousands of our loyal subscribers.

Due to popular demand, the SyncApps Development team is building out enhancements for NetSuite integrations for SuiteCommerce, to be released during the early part of 2018.



Here’s the workflow on how to setup the Abandoned Cart sync today.

For the MailChimp side, you can certainly link the customer to a List/Group/Segment in MailChimp to also tag them if you like as abandoning the cart using some field in our Mapping setup (Step 4 of your Sync Profile), which is triggered when the customer does this action. A simple workflow in NetSuite to update the "Abandoned" field should work for it.



1) The follow-up message (abandoned cart) is sent right away? Or is it a scheduling process a few times a day?

2) Can we send a coupon with that message, so that we can improve the chance of conversion?

Yes, that is standard SuiteCommerce feature/functionality for real-time and coupons sending if you like from NetSuite.

If you want to use MailChimp instead to send the email then just map a field to sync in real time to the MailChimp list.

An example would be to map the coupon field thus triggering a MailChimp Automation you have set up prior.


See our MailChimp for NetSuite Marketing Automation video here.

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