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NetSuite Concurrency for web services with SyncApps

Concurrency for web services and RESTlets is currently governed separately per user and authentication method. When the upcoming change takes effect, the new account governance limit will apply to the combined total of web services and RESTlet requests. With the change, you will not need to use concurrent web services user to be able to send more concurrent requests for web services with token-based authentication.

We have identified that you may exceed the new account concurrency limit. Please review this notice to understand how to avoid errors after the new limit is enforced.

1) Does the SyncApps code use NetSuite web services? 

  • SyncApps uses web services

2) Does it make concurrent calls? 

  • SyncApps does not make concurrent calls

3) Is there a danger in this change?

  • That should not be a problem. SyncApps also will retry the API call if it gets concurrent exceed the limit error

If you get an error using SyncApps around NetSuite Concurrent Web Services please see if other integrations are being scheduled at the same time.

15 Apr 2018 ERROR Error on sync: Only one request may be made against a session at a time (Error code: WS_CONCUR_SESSION_DISALLWD)

This usually occurs when you have simultaneous integrations scheduled to run at the same time. To fix this please schedule integrations to run at different times to avoid this error.


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