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Sync NetSuite Contacts and Customers to Zendesk Users and Organizations

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Integrate NetSuite Contacts and Customers to Zendesk Users and Organizations

  • Contacts (NetSuite) is equal to Users (Zendesk)
  • Customers (NetSuite) is equal to Organizations (Zendesk)


I have created a NetSuite Contact list, but I only seem to get NetSuite Customers syncing over as Zendesk Users.


Be sure if needing to sync both NetSuite Contacts and Customers to Zendesk to use a NetSuite Customer and Contact Saved Search to meet your requirements under the "Records to Sync - Specific NetSuite Saved Searches" in Step 1 of the Sync Profile.

Please note that SyncApps syncs unlimited records in a Trial so the best practice is to limit the Saved Search to under 100 Contacts or Customers in NetSuite for testing purposes.

Note: Still using Username and Password for your Authentication in NetSuite (Step 2 of the Sync Profile)? Switch to Token-Based Authentication now and have an enhanced integration experience today! See the guide here

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