How to Fix "Unable to log in to NetSuite" error


I am getting an ‘Unable to log in to Netsuite’ error when trying to update/modify sync profile. 100% sure that email, account #, and password are correct. My default NS log in role is Admin and also have added admin as web services preferred role. Also added Full web services permissions to my user in Netsuite. Not sure what else to do?


Thanks, and could you have a look here as the error is different yet the issue seems related?

See here...

I would make sure too that all the Global permissions are set up like below:

See here...

Please assign the following Global Permissions (Full) to NetSuite user used in SyncApps:

1) Customers
2) Contacts
3) Custom Fields 
4) Custom Body Fields
5) Custom Entity Fields 
6) Custom Record Types (Use MailChimp? FMT Blog on how it works)
7) Custom Lists 
8) Web Services
9) Transactions (if using this type of Saved Search)
10) Partners (if using this type of Saved Search)

If the error persists after you have changed the password, please also make sure that Chrome Password Saver or PasswordSafe is disabled.  Also, try Chrome Incognito mode if needed.

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