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Do I need an "Activation Code" for Mindbody Online when using SyncApps Integration?

You will not need an Activation Code to connect to Mindbody unless you are not the owner since we do the hard part of connecting you in just 1 Step so you will just need to press the "Authorize SyncApps" button in Step 1 to start this process.

A new window for activation will open. If you have not logged into Mindbody, you need to enter your username and password to log in or if you are currently logged into Mindbody as the owner then activation is automatic.

NO ACTIVATION CODE IS NEEDED unless you are not the owner.  If you're using a staff log in with pre-defined permissions, no worries as we provide the code for activation needed as well.

If you are currently logged into Mindbody then press "Authorize access to SyncApps".

  1. When activated successfully there will be an "Activation successful" message and you can see CAZOOMI under the Who has access to your API? the section in Mindbody. Once activated you can click the Next button to continue configuring Sync Profile.  If you are not the owner then please enter the Activation Code to continue.
  2. If you need to remove access just press "Remove" next to "Cazoomi" under the Who has access to your API? section.

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