Syncing MINDBODY Online Locations to Infusionsoft

See some scenarios below:

Default selection in your integration:

  • If you want to sync to one Infusionsoft account, you just need to create 1 Sync Profile without specifying Location name. This will sync records from all your MINDBODY locations to 1 Infusionsoft account.

Need to sync MINDBODY Online locations to your Infusionsoft account even if the MINDBODY Online ID is the same?

  • If you want to sync to different Infusionsoft accounts, you need to create a new Sync Profile with each connected to a separate MINDBODY account. You just need to specify correct location name in each Sync Profile.

Need to sync a specific MINDBODY Online location to your Infusionsoft account?

  • For syncing a specific location, you can use filtering feature to sync only the location you want.

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