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I changed the name of one of my lists in Mailchimp and now SyncApps is not reading it

Have you gone to this instance where you have changed the name of one of your lists in Mailchimp, and SyncApps does not recognize it? 

Be sure the list names match 100% between SyncApps and Mailchimp.

Here's the remedy and see the example below:

See if your Mailchimp list name has two spaces.  This would cause a scenario in which SyncApps could not find the matched list.

  • "ABC Events:"  and  "Webinars" words
  • "Webinars,"  and  "Trainings" words 

Please edit the Mailchimp list name to fix double spaces, and you should be able to use the list.

"ABC Events: Webinars, Trainings & Trade Shows" (1 space before "Webinars"; SyncApps will recognize it as it has the same name)
instead of

"ABC Events: Webinars, Trainings & Trade Shows"(2 spaces before "Webinars"; SyncApps will not recognize)
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