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Checkbox sync with Pipeliner or any other CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software to your Marketing Automation Software

Do your requirements call for syncing Checkboxes from Pipeliner records to Constant Contact, Mailchimp or Act-On?

By using our powerful Filtering and Segmentation feature, this can now be achieved!

Individual Checkbox Field

Head to Step 5 of the Sync Profile then set the criteria for Filters to (Name of Checkbox) and select the operator to "Is True (Checkbox Checked).

Once the changes have been made, then please press Save, then Reset Sync Process and Sync Now. 

Multi Checkbox Field

In this case, please use the "Contains" operator. For example, you want to create a segment that contains all records which have ACME checked you can use criteria: "Tradeshow 2017 Contains ACME" 

Filtering and Segmentation Guide

Do you have more questions on how to set that up? Hit us up through our 24/7 Support team today!

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