Map MailChimp Member (Contact) Rating


I want to map the Member Rating field from MailChimp to Salesforce, I think they call it Contact Rating now, but I am not sure what field type to create in Salesforce to house the data. Is it a text field? Number field? Image field?


Thanks and you can map to a Text field works fine as the Contact Rating (Member Rating) is a negative number to positive number based on Stars given.

Here's an overview of what the star ratings mean.

Star Rating Engagement Score Contact Activity
-5 to -1 This recipient has either unsubscribed and resubscribed, or soft bounced in the past.
0 No engagement. This recipient is most likely a new contact, or a previously engaged contact who's gone dormant.
1 Low engagement. This recipient opens or clicks your campaigns but is either not consistently engaged or hasn't been on your list long enough to have earned a higher rating.
2 to 5 Moderate engagement. This recipient often opens or clicks your campaigns when you send.
6 to 10 High engagement. This recipient opens or clicks your campaigns very consistently.


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