Automatically create Mailchimp Static Segments, now called "Tags" in Mailchimp

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Well, first things first. What is Static Segment in Mailchimp?

Mailchimp Static Segments is a type of saved segment that includes only the subscribed contacts who shared specific common qualities when created. Today they are called “Tags" in Mailchimp due to Mailchimp Tags replacing Static Segments.

Now, what are Tags?

Tags work the same way as Static Segments just the name as changed and have more benefits and easy to use.

SyncApps rolled out this enhancement this 2018 to help our clients to target their specific customers without manually putting them into segments. Just set it then let SyncApps do the magic! This enhancement is very useful to CRM, Financial, and especially for eCommerce integrations.

Try out these following steps on how to do a Tag in Mailchimp manually:

  • Head to your Lists in Mailchimp and select a specific List.
  • Once you have selected a specific List, tap "Manage Contacts" and "Tag" then "Create Tag."
  • Set the criteria, let's say on the list you want to target a Campaign to customers with the those ending with "" Email Address > Ends with >
  • Tap Preview Tag then this will show a segment with specific contacts under that list, tap " Save as Tag. Then there you have it!

Now let's see how it works automatically to create Mailchimp Tags with SyncApps.

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It is easy to now automatically create Tag(s) based on your CRM Marketing List(s), Tag, Saved Search(s), Tearsheet(s), Campaign(s), or even eCommerce Product(s) and Variation(s) you have set up in Step 1 of the Sync Profile. What is a Sync Profile?


Please do note that if Mailchimp user exposes Groups on the Update Profile form, then SyncApps will sync to the Marketing List or Campaign if these Campaign/List of Groups have been synced prior via SyncApps.

In Step 2 of the Sync Profile, you will need to select "Use Tag" under the Segmentation Method option. Just simply edit your Sync Profile and after editing, don’t forget to hit Save, next Reset Sync Process and then Sync Now. This is so SyncApps can determine changes/customization in your profile before doing the magic. 


This feature is used by subscribers to overcome Mailchimp's 60 Group limitation per list if using many products or categories in your system of record to sync to Mailchimp.

NOTE: records in Tags cannot be removed automatically via SyncApps, so best practice is to just delete them all on a regular basis in Mailchimp.

This will let your CRM being used repopulate each Tag on your scheduled sync to have a trued up Segment for your Marketing Automation campaigns running on Mailchimp.

You can always reach out to us if you encounter any problems as we are online 24/7, to make sure you get the most out of your integration.

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