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Unable to create Invoice in Mindbody to Intacct

If experiencing these errors when syncing, here the guide to fix it:

  • Unable to create an Invoice. Class with the name "SH - Merchandise" does not exist in Intacct. Please create it first.

This error just needs to be handled by creating this Class in Intacct, then resync the Sync Profile by tapping the "Sync Now" button.

  •  Unable to create an Invoice. Another Department with the given value(s) 100009 already exists (Error code: BL34000061)

For department related error, did you rename one of the revenue categories in Mindbody to "Food & Beverage"?

If so you will also need to update Department name in Intacct with id 100009 to "Food & Beverage" as SyncApps match revenue category to the department by name.

Please note that you need to Reset the Sync Profile ( Reset Sync Process button) so SyncApps will re-sync the failed orders.

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