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Apto, running on Salesforce, integration for Constant Contact

Apto, a Salesforce CRM Sync integration connects the dots between Constant Contact in under 5 minutes. Integrating with Apto, the #1 Commercial Real Estate software running on Salesforce, you can utilize the common Salesforce Contact object.

Please note that Apto uses the available method for “Salesforce Platform” licenses which is Notes for Campaign Response Sync Mode in Step 1 of your Sync Profile.  If you would like to sync back, Campaigns in Salesforce or Activities make sure this is an active feature in your Apto account.


To see the full setup guide please see here.

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    Technical Support

    Salesforce.com to Constant Contact Update:

    We have also implemented opt-out sync from Salesforce to Constant Contact so the opt-out sync is now bi-directional.  Subscribers can enable it in their SyncApp configuration. If opt-out is checked in Salesforce then the contact/lead will be unsubscribed from Constant Contact automatically.


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    What if that subscriber is in multiple lists in Constant Contact and only wishes to unsubscribe from particular list than unsubscribe from all list?

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    Thanks Anthony and unfortunately this is a Constant Contact specific issue as you are actually referring to list "Preferences" not "Unsubscribe" which is Global for Constant Contact and SyncApps marries back to Salesforce's standard "Email Opt Out" field for Leads and Contacts.

    sync.jpg Grafton-Inn-Signup-Form-Azure-600x480.jpg


    Most subscribers manage Campaigns from the Salesforce side or using a Web to Lead, Web to Contact since Constant Contact "Preferences" does not yet have a timestamp for add/remove available in their API nor the ability for storing historical contact list membership data by individual contacts, yet. (on the way)

    As a workaround, you can log in to Constant Contact, remove "Preference" members in each list prior to doing an email marketing campaign and resync your SyncApps.  In doing so all the correct list membership is 100% synced & up-to-date.

    This manual step takes 2 minutes to accomplish for 1000s of subscribers today using Constant Contact SyncApps.



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