Celebrating 3 years with Constant Contact teams!

Our team started Cazoomi in 2009 after realizing that we had a lot of smart consultants and cool applications that allowed companies to integrate various software applications such as NetSuite and Highrise CRM to Constant Contact.”

The idea was to meet the small business band of customers which kept asking all our consultants to help them with integrations during various implementation projects.

Our teams had already been working on implementations, integrations and support for 100s of customers over the years and since our support lobby, Get Satisfactionour first key partner, was growing in the number of customers using Cazoomi we decided to push forward with the idea of the perfect Sync application.




Since we had already built connectors on many of the popular platforms like Boomi, Cast Iron, SnapLogic and Pervasive we began to focus on "small connectors for small business" and essentially, these connectors would take people like our consultants, i.e., sales engineers out of the equation and empower small businesses.

These past 3 years has taught our teams that people prefer paying set fees each month (as opposed to a full lump sum) for an application. This simple fact has allowed us to focus on small businesses and scale to be able to quickly meet the needs of larger ones too.  

Today we have grown to 10,000s of business users on SyncApps® by Cazoomi by keeping the customers needs at the focus of our applications.  Alongside Contant Contact our teams have been able to solve some key small business problems and bring new integration solutions to millions of Constant Contact customers today using Constant Contact - powered by SyncApps®.

Here's to another fantastic 3 years:)







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