Pricing Inquiry: Add-Ons

Add-On pricing is here for any SyncApps Plan starting from $9.99/month/company! 

It's here..Log into your SyncApps Account and head to "Add-On Subscription" tab in SyncApps dashboard to select the Add-On options you want today!

Whether you are you using our free plan for Constant Contact or our paid plans, Add-Ons can make your integration tasks easier.

Let's take a look at the Free Plan as our first example.

It's is a new way to get your data syncing every day/week/month/year with Constant Contact.  The Constant Contact Email Marketing Platform syncs to over 20+ SyncApps by Cazoomi.

*Constant Contact pricing varies depending on the plan you choose.

Benefits of Free Plan:

Over 20+ Apps to choose from!

$0 per month per company!
$0 activation fee!
$0 upgrade to a Free plan!
No on-boarding fee

Let's compare Cazoomi's Free Plan vs. the average data sync agreement in the below example using the price of data integration platforms:

  Free for Life Plan  
Initial plan implementation cost (your time) $0 $200+
Monthly subscription payment $0 $15-$99
Upgrade fee for changing plan $0 $Varies
Ability to select multiple app integrations        After upgrading plan After paying LOTS of money

With our Free Plan, after claiming your Free plan, you're eligible to upgrade to a monthly/yearly SyncApps plan for new monthly payments starting as low as $9.99.

And with our Free Plan, if you keep the plan after your free trial no subscription payments are required.  

Log into your Free account and head to "My Account" to select the Add-On options you want today!

Adding a feature to your integration plan

Now it's easier to add a feature you always wanted to try. Just press the Add-Ons tab and SyncApps will display your Add-Ons with all the details.

You can even buy an Add-On for just a week if you like to take it for a spin in your SyncApps account, and you might just keep it forever instead.


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