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New in SyncApps: Sync Specific Email Campaigns


In, May 2016 we launched a few key updates to SyncApps! Today, here's what's new:


Sync Specific Email Campaigns back from Constant Contact

Until this month, syncing email campaigns from Constant Contact back to your CRM always brought back the last 30 days, 90 days upon special request. This was pretty helpful for getting all those key metrics back to your CRM to update your sales team dealing with prospects, clients or leads.  However, if you have more than a few email campaigns you might flood your CRM with campaigns which were unrelated to key sales activities.

Now, every Constant Contact SyncApps has the ability to sync back specific email campaigns to CRM. Click your Sync Profile on the dashboard, and then in Edit mode, you'll see the featured in Step 2 toward the bottom of your setup. You can select the drop-down menu to select specific campaigns to sync, just like you would on the CRM setup page on Step 1.

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Dashboard Sync Reports

Sometimes you need a simple report of what's been synced, so we've added a Report view to all of your syncs. When you click on a sync details, you'll see a link to the report Sync Report – Download and Processed Email Addresses from CRM report. The report includes that records and the status synced over in each sync run.


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Adding a feature to your Sync plan

Now it's easier to add a feature you always wanted to try. Just click Add-Ons on your top menu, and SyncApps will present your account with the Addons with all the details. You can even buy an Addon for just a week if you like to take it for a spin in your SyncApps account, and you might just keep it forever instead.


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Zendesk for NetSuite enhancements

Mapping Customer fields from NetSuite to Zendesk just got a boost with adding of Customer field arrays.  We've added Customer fields for easy mapping now. When you click on Enable Additional Field Mappings in Sync Profile steps, you'll see a Customer tab to link fields from the NetSuite Customer record to Zendesk.  Try it out and let us know how you like it.



SyncApps selection
Finally, SyncApps also got better at integrating the apps you love. You can select whether an app will work for your team quickly and see how it works in 1 or the 5 verticals every business uses today. 




Relocated vertical apps placements and plans

Based on loads of feedback we wanted to make sure your team gets quickly to the Apps you use! When you are looking to sync up an app your company uses, SyncApps is laid out now to help you show your colleagues which apps are available to roll out in your integration.




Sweat the small things

We folded in some other minor updates:

  • The SyncApps steps are more streamlined, so there's more time for testing.
  • Simple notes, SyncNotes, to guide you thru setups have colored pop out points.
  • Now you add unlimited users to your account so you can loop in teams to review sync profiles and set customizations, too.
  • Plus a couple more of note — check out if they pop out at ya!


We hope you will enjoy these enhancements and thanks for subscribing to SyncApps!

Hope you found this article helpful in getting to know more about us.

If you have any more queries, just don’t hesitate to email us at and we’d be glad to help you out.


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