Filters - sync records to/from CRM with specific criteria

Filter from the likes of Salesforce, Highrise CRM, NetSuite, Zoho CRM and others only syncing those who meet a specific criteria. Also, filter to CRM if needed.

If wanting to filter from Constant Contact or MailChimp to your CRM this feature is also available for uses cases where what you want to happen is that any matching contact in Constant Contact or MailChimp that, opened or clicked an active campaign within the last sync cycle (set to 24 hrs), would be updated in CRM with an entry in the Campaign Response field, or added to CRM if they are not already there.

Filter records from Highrise to Constant Contact example below.

Filtering settings are optional.

If filtering criteria is specified then only records which match any of the filter criteria (AND/OR) within a segment will be synced from Highrise to Constant Contact. Each segment will be synced to the Master List in Constant Contact.

Check it out today in your SyncApps dashboard today. 

In a more complex example below you could sync each Sync Profile to a separate MailChimp Master List for segmentation.

The existing Lists in MailChimp will be the Master List for each Sync Profile. In this example each profile uses an existing List, no new list is created in MailChimp:

Sync Profile 1, Filter: Checkbox A is checked, MailChimp Master List: Existing List A

Sync Profile 2, Filter: Checkbox B is checked, MailChimp Master List: Existing List B
Sync Profile 3, Filter: Checkbox C is checked, MailChimp Master List: Existing List C
Sync Profile 4, Filter: Checkbox D is checked, MailChimp Master List: Existing List D
Sync Profile 5, Filter: Checkbox E is checked, MailChimp Master List: Existing List E

Filtering will only filter records to be synced from CRM.
If on a Free Trial be sure to note only 100 records (free trial limit) are synced so please limit in Step 1 to those 100 records you would like to test using Filtering.
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