Only 100 records sync, 1 Campaign, List View or Marketing List and 1 Email Campaign syncs back, why?

If on our 2 weeks free trial for SyncApps we sync 100 records, 1 CRM Campaign or List View, Marketing List or Tearsheet, including 1 NetSuite Saved Search each time you run a Sync Profile.

Now, if you like, please select a different CRM Campaign or List View, Marketing List or Tearsheet, NetSuite Saved Search to grab new records within the 100 set record limit to test out.

100 opt-outs to sync back to CRM on all SyncApps Free Trials.

We limit our records sync so that you can test with complete confidence that you are not going to mess with your CRM or system of record data as in our Paid plans you can sync unlimited records on each scheduled sync or on demand.

We also allow unlimited Campaigns to sync every 24 hours on paid plans.  If you need Campaigns to sync more often than every day, please use our Enterprise plans which can sync Campaigns every time you sync.

Be sure to also check the below when using any Email Marketing platform to sync data:

  • Only contacts and leads with valid email addresses will be synced.
  • Also if two or more contacts or leads have the same email address, then only one contact or lead will be synced for that email address.
  • Role addresses, group addresses, and aliases email addresses are excluded in the sync.
    Examples: abuse@, admin@, serviceadmin@, all@, everyone@, ftp@, sales@, marketing@,,, etc.
  • Any Contact that is opted out in your CRM is excluded on any sync (in Zoho CRM and NetSuite)
  • Contacts that have Do Not Allow, donotbulkmail set to true are excluded on each sync (in Microsoft Dynamics CRM)
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