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Testing Soft Opt Out in Mailchimp for NetSuite

NetSuite CRM Example:


To test the unsubscribe sync, I unsubscribed a contact from NetSuite, and I unsubscribed a contact through Mailchimp. I waited 2 days and then checked their accounts on both sides, and nothing changed for either.  What gives?


In a Free Trial, we sync unlimited records and unsubscribes. Check out below how to test the feature.
For Unsubscribe functional testing:
  • Use a new Mailchimp Audience (empty)
  • Create a NetSuite Saved Search (Contact or Customer) to control what email addresses should be synced to the Mailchimp Audience
  1. Input NetSuite Saved Search in Step 1 of the Sync Profile. Be sure that this NetSuite Saved Search has at least 1 record to test
  2. Input Mailchimp Audience (empty) in Step 2 of the Sync Profile
  3. Save Sync Profile 
  4. Tap Sync Now: SyncApps will copy these NetSuite records in the Saved Search to Mailchimp
  5. Unsubscribe one of the records in Mailchimp that came from the NetSuite Saved Search
  6. Press Sync Now: SyncApps will set its Global Subscription Status to Soft Opt Out in NetSuite
  7. Set one of the synced records in NetSuite to opted out (Soft Opt Out)
  8. Tap Sync Now again: SyncApps will unsubscribe the contact in Mailchimp

This will completely test the unsubscribe functionality in SyncApps.

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