What is the best way to test email unsubscribes during the Free Trial?


To test the unsubscribe sync, I unsubscribed a contact from NetSuite and I unsubscribed a contact through MailChimp. I waited 2 days and then checked their accounts on both sides and nothing changed for either.  What gives?


In a SyncApps Free Trial only 100 contacts/leads (maximum) from NetSuite CRM will be synced and unsubscribes will only be synced from those 100 records. Regarding MailChimp to NetSuite unsubscribe sync, SyncApps only sets opted-out status from those initial100 records.

For Unsubscribe functional testing:
  • use a new MailChimp list (empty)
  • create a NetSuite saved search to control what email addresses should be synced
  1. Sync Now: SyncApps will copy 100 NetSuite contacts maximum to MailChimp
  2. Unsubscribe one of the contacts in MailChimp
  3. Do Sync: SyncApps will set global opted out status in NetSuite
  4. Set one of the synced contacts in NetSuite as opted out
  5. Do Sync: SyncApp will unsubscribe the contact in MailChimp

This will completely test the unsubscribe functionality in SyncApps and get you started on the plan of your choice.

*Basic, Professional or Enterprise

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