Why isn't this Marketing List syncing with Constant Contact?


Our Cazoomi Marketing List “hiking media” has 76 members yet only 19 show up in Constant Contact list. Why? Please advise.


Thanks and could you please provide our team with an email within the 76 members which is not in the Constant Contact list called "hiking media".

Our team lead, who manages SyncApps, will review it for you all.  I think there is also an outstanding community post on same issue:


Could you also please "Reset Sync Process" to see if this works to remedy the issue?

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I synced:

Salesforce to Constant Contact (https://syncapps.cazoomi.com/sync_profile/view/99531179)

Start: 03 Sep 2013 08:19:54
End: 03 Sep 2013 08:29:13

Records updated or added: 3251
Records error: 0

“Hiking Media” in Constant Contact still remains at 19 and it is still not working. 


We don't see that you "Reset Sync Process". We have just reset your sync profile and run a sync. Could you please have a look in Constant Contact to see whether the Hiking Media list is synced correctly.  If the problem is solved you will not need to reset your sync profile again.


Ah ha – I see the different button than I pushed – reset sync profile. And yes, it worked. 75 emails now for Hiking Media.

Now I have another concern. I cannot find Hiking e-newsletter in Constant Contact. There is one called Hiking E-newsletter (capitol E) – screenshot below with 4,651 members.  I created the Marketing List in Salesforce yesterday (screenshot) and it should have synced overnight. Members = 4,552.


To minimize confusion list names are treated as case insensitive. So "Hiking e-newsletter" equals to "Hiking E-newsletter".

In Constant Contact you will not be able to create a new list if there is already a list with same name but different case.  

  • For example if there is "Hiking E-newsletter", you won't be able to create "Hiking e-newsletter" list. You can try that.

As a workaround you can rename the marketing list to have different name. You might need to reset sync profile after renaming it as well.


I renamed to Hiking E-Newsletter Subscription and reset the sync profile. It is in Constant Contact now. Thank you. Ticket closed.

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