Mailchimp to Salesforce - Duplicate Campaigns possible?


It appears that two campaigns are being created in Salesforce for each email we send via Mailchimp. We believe Cazoomi is making one and Mailchimp the other since one has the Cazoomiid on it.

This is clearly not ideal as it's creating duplicate data which is unnecessary and costly. I wasn't involved with setting up the integration originally so this may simply be a case where an incorrect option was chosen, but I'm hoping this can be corrected quickly so I can remove the bad data and prevent it from being created in future.


Thanks for the question and each Email Campaign sent from Mailchimp will create a "Tracking" Campaign (with a Cazoomiid) in Salesforce for all metrics flowing from Mailchimp. If you see duplicate Campaigns in Salesforce, please check to make sure the Email Campaigns you are setting up in Mailchimp do not have "Salesforce tracking" option checked.




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