Drag & Drop an attachment to a Salesforce Opportunity?

Subscriber:  Quick question – I want to use this app to drag attachments into an opportunity. How do I add the button to the notes and attachments area of the page?



Use the following steps to add the button.

1. Open the detail page of opportunity ( open an opportunity record)
2. Click on Edit layout link ( in top right hand side)
3. Select buttons section
4. Drag the button into custom buttons sections on page layout
5. Save it.


This worked great – is there a trick to dragging an attachment from an email over?

The message I get is : The page at https://draganddropattach.na2.visual.force.com says: please select a file. 

I can drag something that is already saved and it adds that so nicely!

Thanks so much for your help!


Thanks and great question.  We have a discussion to see if any Salesforce guru in-house has an answer as our team has not found a work-around yet.  You can have a look here to weigh in too.  Is there a way to Drag and Drop an email from Outlook?






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