Sync Person Accounts from Salesforce to Constant Contact?

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How can I sync Person Accounts from Salesforce to Constant Contact? I thought by using the marketing list functionality, it would allow the sync of Person Accounts.


In your Sync Profile you just need to click edit, then click next to get to Step 1 and use the "Marketing List" feature instead of Campaigns as you have selected currently. Select "Use Cazoomi's Marketing List package" in the drop-down menu.

Also, select Object Type to Sync: Contacts as Person Accounts are used in your Salesforce this way.

If you haven't installed the Salesforce Marketing List package please see here...


Thank you for the response, however, your suggestions are not in line with the options I have available. See below screenshots. I also have installed the Marketing List package.

I have selected Marketing List Mode previously and added the Marketing Lists to sync:


Also when selecting the object, I do not have Person Accounts available.


Since your Non-Profit Salesforce version uses Person Accounts as Contacts this would be the Object Type to Sync in your Sync Profile.

In a Marketing List, you can filter to get the Person Accounts (Contacts) you need and add some or all of them to each list.

Following your screenshot above if "Bob Ryan Contact List" is filled with Person Account then each would be synced to the Constant Contact List.

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