How do SyncApps work? Salesforce to MailChimp sync

How to get started syncing MailChimp and Salesforce.

2 Week Free Trial best practice for testing: select 1 Salesforce Cazoomi Marketing List to sync over to your Email marketing platform, put a few contacts or leads into it, then you are all set up to click "Sync Now".  Test out new List membership feature for MailChimp Group subscribers by adding/removing from a synced Cazoomi Marketing List to a MailChimp Group.

If you are using both leads and contacts be sure to have 2 Sync Profiles setup for both object types, Leads & Contacts.  

Sync accounts, contacts and leads to MailChimp Lists and Groups.

Integrate List and Group membership automatically to CRM.

Create and update new Contacts, Leads via MailChimp or CRM.

Sync Opt-outs automatically.

Custom field mapping between both systems.

Sync specific Salesforce campaigns and campaign responses from MailChimp to CRM.

Sync clicked URLs from Email Campaigns back to Salesforce.

Trigger MailChimp Autoresponders from CRM field updates.

Sync and map hard bounces to CRM custom field.

Update CRM from MailChimp contact update forms.

Salesforce always takes higher precedence over MailChimp. Any contact and lead changes in Salesforce will always be synced to MailChimp.

Contact and lead data is synced from MailChimp only if the email address doesn't exist in Salesforce at the time of syncing.

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