Infusionsoft Connected to your favorite CRMs!

SyncApps® by Cazoomi is the easiest way to synchronize your applications without breaking the bank. Once available to only Fortune 1000 companies, Cazoomi introduces a way for your business applications to talk to each other for less than the price of a Netflix subscription.

Get synced up, organized and maintain a complete, accurate history of contact relationships by centralizing company, contact or lead information and email marketing metrics to your apps.

Start today by seamlessly integrating your Cloud, On-Premise or Plug-in applications with Infusionsoft to your Financials, Marketing, eCommerce, Support and other mission-critical applications.

Connecting Infusionsoft to your Highrise CRM or NetSuite is easy to see how it works!

Major Features for Highrise CRM:

Sync Highrise contacts to Infusionsoft.
Each configured Highrise tag is synced to Infusionsoft tag.

Custom field mapping between both systems.
Sync unsubscribed status to Highrise. The unsubscribed contact will be tagged with "Opted-Out" tag.

Major Features for NetSuite CRM:

Sync NetSuite company, contacts or leads to Infusionsoft.

Opt-outs managed automatically in NetSuite from Infusionsoft.

Custom field mapping between both systems.

Sync NetSuite saved searches (Supported search record types: Contact, Customer). Each saved search is synced to an Infusionsoft tag.

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