See the flow for integrating Mailchimp for Salesforce

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Today’s topic for discussion is how to integrate Salesforce for Mailchimp in just minutes.

This is an interesting topic that has helped many businesses and organization getting the most out of their respective sales and marketing departments.

But to get there, you have to link these two extremely important functions seamlessly.

So let’s dig in!

See how to easily set-up Mailchimp for Salesforce below.


Here's a flow of best practice on how to set it up:




New to Mailchimp marketing platform and need getting started?

This guide below will help you get your first Campaign off the ground. We’ll also offer tips for managing your list, viewing your reports, and making sure your newsletters get into the right inboxes.

You can always holla at us for any queries or if you encounter any problems. We are online 24/7, just for you. To make sure you get the best out of your apps.


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