Invalid Authentication Token (Error code: 4834) Generating your Zoho CRM API Authentication Token.

NOTE: Before generating your token please make sure that you have permission to access the API service. If you do not have permission, please contact your CRM administrator.


To generate the Auth Token you will need to open a browser and put the URL below in the browser address

URL Format

Sample Response

#Wed Feb 29 03:07:33 PST 2012


  • You will need to login to your Zoho CRM before entering the above URL
  • Only use the alphanumeric code after AUTHTOKEN=
  • ERROR Error on sync: Invalid Authentication Token (Error code: 4834) will be fixed once the Auth token is entered into the Sync Profile
You can also generate token using Zoho CRM UI. Please go to menu Setup > APIs > Click gear icon on the right side > Authentication and Token Generation.

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Then enter "SyncApps" under Browser mode section and click Generate button.


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