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Setting up a One-Way integration from Mailchimp to Salesforce

Integration from Mailchimp to Salesforce is super simple so see the easy steps below for success!


  • Sync all the needed CRM data first to Mailchimp using SyncApps or Mailchimp CSV uploads.
  • After the initial sync, proceed to Step 1 of the Sync Profile and select the feature called " Do not sync Contacts, Leads, Or Accounts from Salesforce to Mailchimp".
  • Hit Save then Reset Sync Process and resync.

CRM is considered the master data in most instances so it is always the winner in integration with your Email Marketing Provider, meaning CRM data is never overwritten. You can, however, update CRM or eCommerce records from Mailchimp using our Update Profile feature found in Step 2 of your integration.


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