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SugarCRM and SuiteCRM Integration Quick Set Up Guide

We support SuiteCRM, Hosted SugarCRM Community versions and Sugar OnDemand Editions.  See SugarCRM Editions here...

We even support ChoiceCRM the ticketing platform of choice for SugarCRM.

(Sugar: SuiteCRM, Community, Professional, Corporate, Enterprise, Ultimate)

FEATURES: SugarCRM Integration

Use Case a lot of our subscribers and consultants love is having a SugarCRM Target list to sync to Constant Contact or Mailchimp and also allow when someone opt-outs from Constant Contact or Mailchimp, to enable in SugarCRM as a check box on the record. This works flawlessly to automate your boring import-export tasks.

Note: You will first need to know the SOAP V2 or SOAP V4_1 to be able to use SugarCRM SyncApps.  If you need a different version authenticated, then please shoot our 24/7 Support Staff an email today.

If you have selected the preferred Module Type, let's assume, "Contact", then only Contact type records including the Marketing Metrics will sync back to SugarCRM.

  1. Accounts is a placeholder if you are syncing Accounts 
  2. Contacts is a placeholder if you are syncing Contacts - filled in as this record is a Contact
  3. Leads is a placeholder if you are syncing Leads
  4. Targets is a placeholder if you are syncing Targets
  5. The description is where the metadata or email content lands

TYPE: SuiteCRM, OnDemand and Hosted SugarCRM Community Versions

How do I find out my SugarCRM Web Service URL (SOAP)?

Format is listed for SugarCRM: http://{site_url}/service/v4_1/soap.php


This is the URL of SOAP web service endpoint. Please use v4_1 (preferred if available) or v2 SOAP URL. The URL should end with "service/v4_1/soap.php" or "service/v2/soap.php".

If using SuiteCRM or your SugarCRM is hosted on Sugar On-Demand, the URL will be:

If SugarCRM installed as a root web application, the URL will be like this:

if SugarCRM is installed for example under the "sugar" path, the URL will be:

To be able to use this SyncApps, your SugarCRM instance must be accessible from SyncApps servers.

 SETUP: SugarCRM Credentials Screen in Step 1 of the Sync Profile

https_syncapps_cazoomi_com_sync_profile_edit_step_config_sugarcrm_profileId_1728379910_wizardId_42c02756_0d04_4a41_bb5b_a7efc78062dc1591945483597__1_.pngSugarCRM Campaign Responses:

Once you have entered into Step 2 of Setup of the Sync Profile, you can now select your requirements like syncing back Campaign Metrics to SugarCRM for Sales to act upon.

Contact Layout and Campaign Metrics:

Sync Email Marketing Data

To install the module, please do the following steps:
  1. Download the Cazoomi SugarCRM module.
  2. Go to SugarCRM Administration page by pressing the Admin menu.
  3. Press Module Loader link
  4. Upload the module (zip file)
  5. Press the Install button
After the installation completed, a new sub-tab Email Marketing History should appear on the Contact, Lead, Target and Account detail page.
Inside SugarCRM:







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