See all Marketing Automation metrics in Microsoft Dynamics 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 & 365

By default SyncApps automatically populates the description field in Dynamics CRM Campaign Response with the campaign metrics from your Marketing Automation solution.

You can now gain insight into your Dynamics CRM Campaign Links your prospects and customers are clicking too!


However, if you would like more reporting capabilities within Dynamics CRM and Mobile updates on your campaigns then please take a few minutes to create the fields needed on the CampaignResponse object.

Getting Started Customizing your Dynamics CRM for SyncApps integration

Campaign Responses



Create custom fields on the CampaignResponse object with the following exact field names:

new_clicks, new_opens, new_bounces, new_forwards (new_ prefix is automatically appended by Dynamics CRM) with correct data type.

Opted out field is also available. The field name should end with _opted_out (like new_opted_out) with type boolean.

For Opens, Clicks, Bounces they must be integer (Whole Number) and Opted Out must be Boolean.

* SyncApps finds the field name that ends with "_opens", "_bounces", "_clicks", "_forwards" so your custom fields should be fine even if you have any company like prefix before xxx_new_opens, xxx_new_bounces, xxx_new_clicks.

If you would also like to see URLs clicked in each email then create (new_email_events custom field type should be "Multiple Lines of Text")


*The fields will be populated with email marketing metrics with each scheduled sync 

Customize the Campaign Response form view:


 save image





Event Marketing Sync

For event marketing sync the following fields can be created on Campaign Response object to store registration status, attendance status, payment status and guest count information:

  • _registration_status
    Data Type: Single Line of Text
  • _attendance_status
    Data Type: Single Line of Text
  • _payment_status
    Data Type: Single Line of Text
  • _guest_count
    Data Type: Whole Number (Integer)


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  • Avatar

    What about the Opt-Outs recorded by ConstantContact.  I see the Opt-out metric written to the description field, but I don't see you create a custom field to capture that data.  Can that be done or is there another field where this data is written?

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the question and looks like we missed this one as we answered it on our Get Satisfaction portal.

    "Please check out our FAQs which address this question for MSCRM subscribers and also the image below is the validation area for all SyncApps using this CRM to sync to other systems"



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    James O

    It isn't clear what the datatype for these new attributes should be.  Are they integers or nvarchar?

    Also, does this also work with Dynamics CRM 4.0?

  • Avatar

    Thanks James yet SyncApps creates these fields so the attributes are set and integers.  They work in any Dynamics CRM SyncApps including 4.0.