Have I set up my Constant Contact for Salesforce correctly?

Customer: I am having trouble seeing the emails sent and the email marketing campaign metrics from Constant Contact in Salesforce. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Cazoomi: Can you have a look at the setup video needed to view these in your Salesforce account below and review our guide below too?

For Salesforce layouts here are the steps to also review:

* Campaign CazoomiID is placed in Campaign Page Layout 

* CampaignMember CazoomiID is placed in CampaignMember PageLayout (with Opens, Clicks, Bounces, Forwards)

* The metrics fields placed in Campaign History layout (Opens, Clicks, Bounces, Forwards)

Email Events will bring in the "URLs clicked" into Salesforce.com upon each scheduled sync 

Customer: I think my problem is that the custom fields (number of opens, clicks etc.) are not showing up as options to add in the layout in Salesforce. Do I need to add custom field mapping in SyncApps in order for them to show up as options in Salesforce?

Cazoomi: If sync campaign response is enabled the *SyncApps will create custom fields in Salesforce.com CampaignMembers* (Campaign History) object to store email marketing metrics such as the number of opens, clicks, etc.

By default, the custom fields will not be displayed in any layout. To make them visible, you will need to update current layout and add the custom fields into the layout like in the above screenshot.

This should not be the case as once you add them to your layout they will pull in the metrics.

Customer: I don't know if screenshots would be helpful in this case, but when I go into Marketing=>Campaigns/Leads/Contacts=>Create new view or edit view, my campaign created in Constant Contact is not present and there aren't any fields for "open, clicks, bounces, forwards".

Cazoomi: You will need to look at the contact/lead record and set this up:

By default, the custom fields will not be displayed in any layout. To make them visible, you will need to update the current layout and add the custom fields to the layout like in the following screenshot.

Customer: I am still unable to select a specific campaign in SyncApps to sync. I also don't think the contacts I added in Constant Contact were synced to Salesforce, as the sync summary says no records were synced and I also don't see them in SalesForce (screenshot attached). There was an additional error message regarding sync campaigns.

I did signup for the Professional version of SyncApps hoping to bypass the limited 100 contact only syncing capability with the trial version. Perhaps if we close down this account and start all over again, we might be able to get around the errors that are occurring? If you have time I would really appreciate if you could call me.

Cazoomi: Thanks and no need to close the account to start over.  Should be a quick turnaround on this so I have escalated this to our team today based on this issue. Our team lead will be looking into the issue tonight.

Customer: Just went into SyncApps this morning and still unable to select campaigns. I also hit sync and again no records were transferred etc (see screenshot). Just wondering about any progress on your end.

Cazoomi: I have a case escalated now with SyncApps team so they are still investigating this still. I think this is a permission issue. Could you please confirm if you have full access to campaigns object?

Customer: I am working on the administrator's username in Salesforce. If you give me instructions on how to confirm that I have full access to campaign objects, I can check. Please feel free to call me if you think that might be easier.

Cazoomi: We can have our Salesforce team lead help you since this is a Salesforce.com related issue, not SyncApps.

Customer: It seems the sync went fine since 12th May. So there should be no permission issue here. Campaigns selection also works.

Cazoomi: Could you please try to re-sync again. To see the metrics for Constant Contact, you will need to put the custom fields on the layout.

Customer: Sorry to bother you again. My campaigns did sync to Salesforce! But unfortunately, it is showing that none of the emails were sent (0 numbers sent) and I'm not seeing the fields we inputted (clicks, bounces, forwards etc) or campaign members involved in the campaign email sent. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Cazoomi: Currently we don't update the number of sent so [total contacts + total leads] is the number of sent. To see the click, bounce, forwards you will need to add the fields to the layout. You will need your Salesforce admin to do it or our teams can assist you.

  • Please note that the way SyncApps work currently is "Only syncs metrics for email addresses that have been synced by SyncApps previously". In the log I see only 60 emails have been synced, so only metrics for those 60 email addresses will be synced.

To solve this problem you can do initial sync, sync all contacts to Constant Contact by unchecking "Sync Campaign Members to Constant Contact List" then do a sync. After the sync completed you can check the option again.

Could you also please send us a screenshot when you click "View All Campaign Members" link in your last screenshot.

Customer: I did not see that option before. When I click on it, it does show me who I sent the emails to.

However, Still having a problem with integration. I moved all contacts in Constant Contact into the "Master List" (as Clint instructed) that initially had 60 contacts, but with the additions of contacts added from other campaigns now comes to 490. When I reset the sync setting and attempted to sync, still only 25 contacts from CC to Salesforce were updated and only 60 Salesforce to CC were updated (screenshot attached). So when I go to Campaigns in Salesforce and look at Design Invite Campaign only 12 Campaign Members exist when I sent the email to 90 people. I did notice that the "Contact List" in Constant Contact only had 12 contacts, so perhaps it is pulling from lists and not email campaigns. Perhaps someone can give me a call and take some time to walk me through this until the problem is fixed because I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks!

Cazoomi: I have a few questions. 

  1. Your configured Constant Contact master list is "HD Invite List". Did you moved all the contacts to "HD Invite List"?
  2. From SF to CC you configured to sync only contact in the following campaign: Designer Invite, Date Corrected Supplier Invite, "Supplier" HD Expo Invite. How many contacts are in those 3 campaigns?


1) Yes, I have all 490 contacts in "HD Invite List" in CC.
2) I think what the problem is here is that the "campaigns" options are my "contact lists" in CC and not the "emails" I sent to those specific lists
(see below)

Designer invite has 12 contacts
"Supplier HD Expo Invite" has 59 contacts
Date Corrected Supplier has 2 contacts

However, my "HD Designer Invite List" (email associated with this list called "Designer Invite" and has 371 contacts) and "HD Expo List" (email associated with this list called "Copy of Copy of Test Final MindClick Team" and sent out to 138 contacts) in Constant Contact are the ones that I sent the emails out to. However, I do not see these "campaigns" in Syncapps as options to choose to sync.

I just refreshed my campaigns and Date Corrected Reminder of Designer Invite came up and I selected it. It did sync to Sales Force but there are only 60 Members in it when it went out to 2 CC lists: Reminder Designer List (366 contacts) and Reminder Supplier List (135 contacts). It can't seem to get beyond the original 60 contacts it synced from Sales Force.

Is it possible to delete my account and I can start this process over again bringing in the correct number of contacts from Sales Force?

Cazoomi: Thanks and deleting your Sync Profile sure and on this note:

"It can't seem to get beyond the original 60 contacts it synced from Sales Force. Is it possible to delete my account and I can start this process over again
bringing in the correct number of contacts from Sales Force?"

You can always create another Sync Profile in your SyncApps account and delete the old one as it takes about 3-5 minutes to set up.

I also see that the following sync activity Friday in your account:

18 May 2012 03:05:39 INFO Summary:
Salesforce to Constant Contact:
[Processed records=60, Updated=60, Error=0]
Constant Contact to Salesforce:
[Processed records=25, Updated=22, Error=0]

Customer: I created a new sync profile, but no records were transferred. I am reviewing your Operating Guide and have this down.

Going forward, let me know if this is the process I should take:

1) Create a campaign in Sales Force with all of the contacts that I want to
send an email to in Constant Contact included.
2) Sync specific Sales Force campaign by selecting it in SyncApps
3 )Find the specific campaign "list" in Constant Contact
4) Create and send email for that "list"
5) Sync that campaign again in SyncApps
6) The campaign metrics will then appear for that campaign on Salesforce

Cazoomi: Yes. Using the above process will make sure campaign metrics appear on Salesforce.

Currently, we have two types of campaigns in Salesforce to avoid confusion:

  • Campaign as marketing list -> You need to create this 
  • Campaigns created by SyncApp from Constant Contact campaigns. ( This will not appear in campaigns selection in SyncApps setup screen)

Customer: I left a message earlier this morning. I went through the process I outlined in my prior email and metrics are not appearing in my test campaign in Salesforce. I need to send another campaign out on Thursday and need to have this functioning. Please call me to troubleshoot.

Cazoomi: We have checked the logs. Here are the process details:

  1. You created a campaign in SF "Test 2" as list
  2. You selected the "Test 2" for sync
  3. After the sync "Test 2" list is created in CC
  4. You sent a CC campaign "Reminder HD Email with corrected Date" to emails in "Test 2"
  5. You did a sync in SyncApps 
  6. SyncApps created a campaign with name "Reminder HD Email with corrected Date", updating the metrics from Constant Contact.

Customer: Reminder HD Email with corrected Date" is not appearing in SyncApps or Salesforce as a campaign option.

Cazoomi: Yes currently we have two types of campaigns in SFDC to avoid confusion:

* SFDC Campaign as Marketing List that can be selected (You need to create this in SFDC)
* SFDC Campaigns created by SyncApps from Constant Contact campaigns to store campaign response. ( This will not appear in campaigns selection in SyncApp)

Because many CC campaigns can be sent for one CC list we decide to hide the campaigns created by SyncApps to make it clear between "Campaign as List" and "The real Campaign sent in CC".

Customer:  I see them now!!  Thank you so much for the support setup for SyncApps, Constant Contact & Salesforce.com

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