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What's the best approach syncing Salesforce Leads and Contacts to Mailchimp?


What is the best approach to use with SyncApps on the following two Use Cases for Salesforce?

1. The ongoing marketing campaign for newsletters in Salesforce. We will add new members to this campaign in Salesforce as needed. This campaign will have a Sync Profile in Cazoomi and a mailing list in SurveyMonkey. I believe this usage scenario is quite standard and we don't see any problems.

The only questions would be: 

Do we need to have two separate profiles for Salesforce leads & contacts within Cazoomi or can we put both in one profile?

2. The second use case is less clear (how to support it with Cazoomi)

We will create ad-hoc marketing campaigns in Salesforce, each time with a specific set of contacts & leads. Then we would like to send mass mail to these contacts & leads via Mailchimp.


Do we have to create a new profile each time we create a new marketing campaign?

We wouldn't like for marketing people to have access to the SyncApps dashboard, but we don't see how this would be possible if they have to create profiles or add new campaigns to existing profiles.

Is it possible to use the "Groups" feature within Mailchimp (so that synced contacts fall into a specific group) or is the only way to sync directly to a Mailchimp Audience? 

Create separate Sync Profiles for leads and contacts for your first use case.

  • Each List View will be synced to Mailchimp Groups that can be used to segment your Mailchimp campaign.  You can also select Tags too.
  • Or use Salesforce campaigns. You need to create a campaign in Salesforce that will serve as a marketing list then select the campaigns to be synced in the configuration. If no campaign is selected, then all active campaigns will be synced.  If wanting to use the Salesforce Campaign active flag to manage this process then SyncApps will look at all "active" Salesforce Campaigns and sync them to Mailchimp Groups or Tags based on your choice in Step 2 of setup. 

NOTE: Mailchimp has a 60 Group limit per Audience so only up to 60 Salesforce Campaigns can sync over.  Tags are unlimited.

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