Salesforce Campaigns from MailChimp & reports?

Subscriber: I have a few quick questions related to the Sync history from SyncApps & reporting.

We sent out a blast earlier this week to 2000+ recipients but only 1649 show as updated. Curious to know why the others didn’t update. Might require a dive into the data to ensure everyone is accounted for.

Perhaps they were leads that were added to MailChimp before the sync tool was deployed?


The 1649 figure are email addresses retrieved from campaigns you selected: ABC Services, Contact Us Form, HR Services, ABCD Services, International, Not Defined, October 2012: Webinar Invitation, ABCDE Services, My Services, September 2012 E-mail Blast.

Please also note that email addresses in cleaned and unsubscribed list will not be synced in MailChimp SyncApps. Also if the 2000+ recipients reside in MailChimp then the numbers could not be compared because there might be contacts in MailChimp that are not in the selected campaigns mentioned above.

Best Practice: Syncing all leads instead of select campaigns solves many issues around SyncApps integration services.

Subscriber: Under certain specific leads within, I can see that several of the same (and some different) campaigns were mapped over. Any idea why? I can provide screenshots if need be.


For campaign response from MailChimp, SyncApps will create a campaign in Salesforce for each MailChimp campaign. If you check out MailChimp you will see several campaigns with the same name which demonstrates this functionality.

Subscriber: How does report activity in terms of opens, clicks, bounces, etc.?


Currently, SyncApps tracks the number of clicks, opens, bounces for each contact/lead in campaigns. you will just need to put in the fields into the appropriate layout(s): Campaign Response setup: video (5 min setup)

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