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I need some guidance on how to set up my SyncApps Authentication to MSCRM 4.0?


The access to my MS CRM 4.0 from an outside web browser is http://crm.company.org:5555, or if accessing the CRM site from inside my office, it is http://company05:5555.

I am trying to set this service up on a computer within the office network.


Since we don't have your credentials for testing, we assume that your CRM is using Windows integrated authentication.

Please try to use the following settings:

Auth Type: Windows Integrated Authentication
Web Service URL: http://crm.company.org:5555/mscrmservices/2007/CrmService.asmx
Username: Your username
Password: Your password
Windows Domain Name: Your Windows Domain Name

If the above configuration does not work, we can try to check it if you give us read-only credentials (or minimum privilege) to login to your CRM.

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