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Override default Email to your Marketing Automation software


I have an account on SyncApps and am facing 2 problems.

#1 The Birthdate field of Salesforce is not being displayed while mapping to Mailchimp--hence unable to sync this over from Salesforce.

#2 My Contacts have 2 email address IDs- work mail (company provided) & personal mail (gmail/yahoo)-----while using SyncApps, the Mailchimp email is automatically mapped to work email address YET I am unable to map personal emails at all.


#1 Seemed to be just a temporary glitch that is now resolved in SyncApps so please reset your SyncApps to sync Birthdate field from Salesforce to Mailchimp.

#2 I think you can just map your personal email address field for (Gmail/Yahoo) to a text Merge Tag in Mailchimp.  Map the second email field to this new Mailchimp Merge Tag in Step 4 of the Sync Profile. 


#2 There is not a provision to create an email field in Mailchimp so do you want me to create a Text field?

If so, how will it be mapped for sending our emails with these email id's?

I have created 2 Sync Profiles for syncing:

  • A- for Salesforce to Mailchimp email work
  • B- for Salesforce to Mailchimp email personal

For the Profile B - Please use my our API of the field email personal & insert this at your instance so that it can read & map to personal email. This way we will create another set of records for email personal in a new List in MC. The API is - Email_Personal__c


Oh, I see your point now.

You would like to map any email field in CRM to the default email field in Mailchimp. This would require customization to SyncApps to do this so you would need to select our Enterprise plan.

Once on the Enterprise plan, we can turn on this customization for your account.

To sync your Leads or Contacts [B - Sync Profile for Salesforce to Mailchimp email personal] just map the (personal email address) in custom field mapping drop down menu to Mailchimp.

*Please note that only 1 email field can be mapped to Mailchimp's standard email field for email marketing.

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